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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service

If you live in Los Angeles during the summer, you know what that means weather-wise. With 110 degree heat and wildfires clogging up the air, your air conditioning unit needs all the help it can get. Don’t wait for your air conditioning unit to die; get it serviced with Superformance Foreign Auto Repair.

Most air conditioning units are sealed systems, meaning a gas called Freon is required to cool the air. Freon eventually depletes over a few years, so the system now needs service.

At Superformance, it’s a simple procedure. We remove the existing Freon and then check for any leaks or cracks. If there aren’t any issues, we put back the correct amount of Freon and return your car to you.

Cabin Filters

Another major component of the air conditioning system is the cabin filters. These filters clean the air that comes inside your car – air that you eventually breathe. If you live in an area with lots of bad air quality or wildfires during the summer (like Los Angeles), these cabin filters need replacing at least once a year.


Beyond air conditioning units and cabin filters, Superformance also offers a service with an Ozonator machine. If you smell heavy smoke in your car and you want the odor to go away, the Ozonator can help with this. The machine neutralizes the odor at its source and cleans the odor out of the air in the car.