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Today’s vehicles come equipped with many electrical devices that assist in safe driving and driver comfort. These devices require constant electricity, no matter if the car is in motion or stopped. The direct source of electrical power for the devices is the car’s battery, along with the alternator, which helps supply electricity, charge the many system components and recharge the battery. Most batteries last four or five years, but you shouldn’t wait until the battery dies or you have trouble starting the car before checking it.

The certified technicians at Superformance Foreign Auto Repair can routinely inspect your vehicle’s charging system and make sure the battery and alternator are up-to-date so you aren’t stranded or at risk. In fact, many modern vehicles, including BMWs, now require the battery to be programmed to the car. This technology is best handled by the technicians at Superformance.

At Superformance, we solely use premium, top of the line batteries from Interstate Batteries. These batteries can fit every make or model and are designed to guarantee the best battery performance.